We have all the necessary services to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Here we detail the highlights of our service.


Washing and drying clothes costs 4 € each. The best of this service is that you don’t have to wait for your clothes, we take care of the whole process and when done, we will put your dry belongings on your bed.

If you just want to wash the clothes, we have a huge clothesline where you can let them dry.



We have two computers with Internet access at an affordable price to all pilgrims. We have three vending machines. One that provides snacks (cookies, chocolates, chips and juices), one for beverage (coke, beer, water and fanta) and a third one for warm coffee and chocolate.


As an additional service we offer you the possibility to leave your belongings in your way to Finisterre or Muxía. You can leave your rucksack or part of it, we can keep it in our lockers for free until your back.


ALBERGUE ACUARIO has all the current sanitation certificates. We update them constantly. It also has all the current safety systems (fire extinguishers certificates and emergency exit lights).

If you have any sores or bruising, we have a complete first aid kit to attend our pilgrims. We do not charge for this service.


Bicycle Parking inside the Albergue free of charge. If you don’t use it in your travels around Santiago , it will be there until you leave the hostel for home by bus, train or airplane.

If you want to ship your bike, we have some information on it. It will be picked up from the hostel and send it home safely.


Mass schedule of any day of the year available:

Pilgrim’s Mass: mornings at 10am. and at 12 noon; evening at 18:00pm. and at 19:30pm.

Sundays and public holidays in addition to the usual schedule, morning at 1:15 p.m.


While you rest and after a warm shower, you can take a book from our library and browse through a book about the new energy. This will help you in your process of finding yourself.

We have music in background; sometimes joyful and uplifting, sometimes gentle and peaceful. We hope this music accompany you in your inner process.

There are available several table games to play your friends and have fun while you talk about your experiences on the Camino.

Parcheesi, deck of cards, Mikado, checkers and chess.

You will also have the opportunity to read sentences that will make you reflect on your experiences of the way. We hope these reflexions will help you which path to take. You know … “When the student is ready the teacher appears …”

In addition, once you are imbued with this spirit, we are happy if you add some thoughts of yours (the ones that spring from your heart).

The following pilgrims will benefit from it.


You’ll find a complete list of museums in Santiago as well as their exact location and corresponding prices.


We have information of all travel agencies in Santiago de Compostela.


We have many other services. Consult us.